Excursions and activities

Something to do

around the Residence

We suggest some pleasant excursions to the coastal towns south of San Teodoro; to Cala Gonone, in the woods of Supramonte and to Tiscali village: you can have lunch at Su Gologone and visit the springs, the caves of Ispinigoli and the dunes of Capo Comino beach.

Up-country you can stop at Padru farm holidays centres, continue up to the granite quarries of Budusò and the craft shops of Pattada, then get to Monti wineries and taste the excellent Vermentino white wine.

You can visit the town of Alghero and the Roman remains of Tarros, or try the excursion on an ancient train from Palau to Tempio Pausania.

At the end of summer, the abundance of porcini mushrooms in Gallura region’s cork oaks forests is a secret still well preserved, and a pleasant surprise for gourmets.

We also suggest a hike on Mount Nieddu www.natalibera.it and a boat ride in the lagoon, completed by a visit to Pischera.

Sport & activities

Scuba diving

From Santa Teresa di Gallura to Tavolara there is the greatest concentration of diving centres in Sardinia. At 400 metre from the residence, on the beach “Le Farfalle”, a diving school is at your disposal where you may rent equipment, take lessons leading to obtain the PADI license and fill your diving cylinders www.diveaquarius.net. On the nearby beach, Salina Bamba, you will find another diving centre www.bluinfinito.it


Fins, mask and snorkel are all you need to practice this fun activity, that also teaches a lot on the seabed of the Marine Protected Area. Consorzio di Gestione provides visitors with informative publications and a card to take underwater, useful to recognize what you see while swimming. Three equipped locations for snorkeling have been set up at Tegghja Liscia, the east coast of Tavolara and Baia Bua, to the left of the pier near the square in Porto San Paolo. The routes, marked by special explanatory signs, are equipped with simple guides to recognition. When snorkeling, even if you do not submerge, it is suggested to have a surface marker buoy with you.


You can play at the 9-hole Golf Punta Aldia (6 km), or at the 18-hole Pevero course, in Costa Smeralda (55 km). Near the residence you’ll find some new smaller courses for practice, with a few holes. Ask us for more information.


Our bay, usually characterized by calm water, becomes ideal for surfers in case of Maestrale, Ponente or Scirocco winds. In some beaches you can rent surfs, while in beaches Cinta (San Teodoro) and Murta Maria (10 km), you will be offered windsurfing lessons.

Horse riding

In Sardinia equestrian culture is deeply rooted. Some farms near our residence offer horse riding to experienced riders and beginners. In San Teodoro, near the beach Cinta, there is a riding school. At Punta Aldia (5 km), you can experience the thrill of flying on an ultralight aircraft.


Bike is a good means of transport to explore the area around the residence and visit the different beaches of Coda Cavallo. If you have not brought your own, we do have a few for guests. In San Teodoro you can rent more sophisticated models.

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